Thursday, July 31, 2014

Push to ban indoor smoking statewide

The smoke-free coalition is made up of supporters like State Representative Susan Westrom, health organizations and community and business groups.

They're canvassing the state to get their message across that a smoke-free workplace is a healthy workplace.

Supporters prefer a wide-ranging, rather than patchwork assortment, of city smoking bans.

The chamber says in addition to a healthier workforce, the move would attract and retain businesses.

"It really does get confusing when different counties have different aspects of the law," said Ashli Watts, with the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. "For example, here in Lexington, it's an all-encompassing smoking ban that says "You can smoke, you just need to step outside. That's all we're asking for with this law."

Four times they've tried to pass a smoking ban that blankets the entire state of Kentucky and it has failed.