Thursday, August 28, 2014

Officials continue to assess flood damage in Floyd and Johnson County

Folks continue to clean up from Friday night's flash flooding in Johnson and Floyd counties while officials are trying to determine if they might qualify for federal aid.

Local and state agencies continue assessing damage, In Johnson County officials say about 25 homes received damage, while in Floyd County early estimates show about 100 homes impacted.

Paintsville/Johnson County Emergency Management Director, Gary McClure says, "Floyd and Johnson Counties received a brunt of the rainfall this time."

That’s why Emergency Management officials are out in those counties surveying the amount of damage that qualifies as public assistance.

James Lewis, with Kentucky Emergency Management explains, "Roads, bridges, highways, and things like that...we are trying to reach the state threshold. We've easily surpassed the threshold for Floyd County which is $137,000. Now our goal is to come up with enough damage to meet the state threshold so the governor can ask for a presidential declaration."

Needing 6 million dollars in this type of damage from Floyd and Johnson combined to qualify for federal aid.

Officials say they are not through all of Floyd County yet and are already well over a couple million dollars.

Once assessments are complete numbers from both counties will be compiled and sent to Frankfort to see if the area qualifies for any federal assistance.