Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas Shopping Safety Tips

According to the American Crime Prevention Institute, Black Friday shopping always shows a spike in thefts.

Here is a few tips to make your shopping a little less stressful:

Do not leave anything out in the open in your vehicle, try to put items in your car trunk or cover your items up…this also includes phones or other devices that we often leave in plain sight.

Another tip: watch where you park. Lit areas close to buildings have heavy traffic, making it less likely some will be wandering around looking for open doors.

Also, walk on a mission. Thieves are looking for people who don't have their guard up. Even a quick second lingering can be just the chance they need to snatch a bag and run off.

In addition, if you are going out, putting money or credit cards in a zipped up pocket can be safer than an open purse.

As always, if you do see something, please report it to authorities.