Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Child Advocates Want to Ensure Training of Educators to Spot Child Abuse

        Kentucky requires training for child-care workers and medical professionals on how to spot and deal with child abuse, but not educators.

        Educators in Kentucky are required to report child abuse, but unlike other professionals who regularly interact with kids, state law does not ensure that teachers are trained on how to spot the problem.

          State lawmakers, who return to Frankfort next week, will be asked to change that.
          Terry Brooks with Kentucky Youth Advocates says educators are "sensitive" to child abuse and "want to do the right things." Brooks adds, "We really see this effort as a way to support educators so that they have more skill, more knowledge, more capacity to fulfill that legal obligation."

          State law already requires that child-care workers and medical professionals receive training. But, teachers make up the largest percentage of people who report suspected child abuse.