Monday, December 22, 2014

Home of the Last of America's Chemical Weapons

When the United States finally disposes of all its chemical weapons, the last stockpile to go will be the 523 tons of chemical agent at the Blue Grass Army Depot in central Kentucky. A 1997 arms control agreement requires the 190 countries that signed treaty no longer use or produce chemical weapons and destroy their existing stockpiles.

The U.S. has destroyed 90% of its chemical weapons - but thousands of aging rockets, laced with deadly nerve agents, remain in storage in Richmond.

Craig Williams has been a citizens' watchdog in Kentucky since the early 1980's. He says, "Once we're done, the United States has fulfilled its international obligations. And so, obviously the spotlight is on us as to, 'When are you going to get done? Do you have the funding to complete it? Do you have the workforce to complete it?'"

Other than Kentucky, Colorado has the other remaining stockpile, which is scheduled to complete disposal by 2020. The job will take longer here in Kentucky.