Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Kentucky State Parks Announce Family Adventure Quest for 2015

2015 marks the 10th year for the Kentucky State Parks Family Adventure Quest - the digital photo scavenger hunt for families and friends.

This year's edition has a new twist. Teams of two or six members choose between an eastern or western booklet. This doesn't mean you only get to explore half the state, it just means that the quests that require visiting a specific park will only be in the half of the state you choose.

That still leaves more than two thirds of the challenges that can be answered at your choice of parks. For example, a non-park-specific challenge may ask for a photo of your team building a sand sculpture at a Kentucky State Park Beach. The beach you choose is up to you.

Teams have until December 1st, to complete as many quests as they like in an effort to have fun and win prizes.

More details and registration forms can be downloaded at www.parks.ky.gov. You can also pick up a registration form at any Kentucky State Park starting in February.