Friday, April 17, 2015

Gubernatorial candidate James Comer releases higher education plan

Gubernatorial candidate James Comer and his running mate, Chris McDaniel, unveiled their plan for higher education Thursday morning.

Under the plan, students attending one of Kentucky's flagship universities can receive $20,000 in tax credits.

Those attending a regional university can receive $15,000.

The students must graduate in four years, as well as live and work in Kentucky following graduation.

James Comer said, "If you actually talk to middle class Kentuckians, middle class blue collar Kentuckians, one of the biggest problems they say is the student loan debt they say we're saddling their children and grandchildren with. We have a plan that's going to take care of that. Its going to increase our competitiveness as a state to attracting good paying jobs".

The plan also gives Kentucky Community and Technical College System graduates a tax credit for the full cost of tuition, as well as a tax credit for businesses who hire them.