Thursday, April 30, 2015

Marshall elects to change fee structure for the fall

The Marshall University Board of Governors approved a new tuition and fee structure for the coming fall.
According to Chief Financial Officer Mary Ellen Heuton, the students’ fees will now be based on their specific major and program. This will eliminate most course fees, lab fees and off-campus fees.
Heuton said they this new format eliminates confusion because students will understand how much they owe immediately as long as they know whether or not they live on campus, and what their program is. She said the students that will be most affected by the changes are non-resident students taking courses online.
The new structure is expected to allow prospective students to more easily compare the costs of attending Marshall with that of other colleges and universities because they can predict how much their tuition and fees will be.

The board is expected to discuss tuition, fees and a budget for 2016 at an upcoming meeting.