Thursday, May 14, 2015

Judicial Investigation regarding a Pike County Judge

A Pike County judge is being investigated by the state Judicial Conduct Commission.

35th District Circuit Court Judge Steven Combs is the focus of the investigation.

The Commission filed formal charges of 10 counts of Misconduct in Office against Combs on April 27.

The allegations involve inappropriate interactions and phone calls with elected officials and employees of the City of Pikeville, inappropriate political activity, inappropriate statements and issues with cases Combs was presiding over.

Combs formally responded to each of the 10 counts on Tuesday.

The Commission says the next step in proceedings is to hold a formal hearing. No date for the hearing has been set at this time.

Combs have been a 35th District Circuit Judge since 2003, when he was appointed to the bench by former Governor Paul Patton. He was re-elected to an 8 year term in 2014.