Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Morrisey files suit against Simple Recovery Solutions

State Attorney General Patrick Morrisey announced Tuesday that the office recently filed a suit against Simple Recovery Solutions, a Florida company that allegedly tried to collect unverified debt or debt which never really existed from West Virginia consumers.
The suit accuses SRS of unfair competition methods and practices of deception by contacting consumers to collect debt they didn’t owe. The company is accused of violations of the West Virginia Consumer Credit and Protection Act; the complaint also alleges that the organization operated without a valid West Virginia business license.
Morrisey said that the goal of the suit was to protect the public.
“This complaint seeks to protect West Virginia consumers from paying out money they do not owe,” Morrisey said. “Our office believes SRS and its owners have collected, or attempted to collect, unverified debts from at least 125 West Virginia consumers so far.”
He said fraudulent debt collection is a problem in West Virginia and consumers had to be made aware of “unscrupulous business practices.”

The lawsuit was filed in Kanawha County Circuit Court.