Tuesday, May 19, 2015

State lawmakers praise Capito ARENA bill

More than a dozen state legislators met at the Capitol Monday to praise a bill by U.S. Sen. Shelly Moore Capito that seeks to fight federal clean energy regulations.
Many feel that the regulations further hurt the coal industry, and the bill aims to block EPA legislation that seeks to substantially limit greenhouse gas emission. House Speaker Tim Armstead said Capito’s Affordable Reliable Energy Now Act, or ARENA, is a good first step toward saving the coal industry.
WV Coal Association Vice President Chris Hamilton said that between hours cutbacks and layoffs, miners are facing truly desperate times, and legislators have to show that they’re doing something to fight for their cause.
Fifteen states including West Virginia have brought a lawsuit upon the legislation. Senate President Bill Cole thought that ARENA had the power to make a difference if the states in opposition continue to stand together.

U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin was the sole co-sponsor of the ARENA bill when it was introduced.