Monday, August 3, 2015

Construction, building debris pickup along flood routes in Johnson County set to begin August 10

JOHNSON COUNTY – August 3, 2015 – Pickup and disposal of construction debris from destroyed or damaged homes and businesses along state routes affected by the July flash floods is set to begin Monday, August 10. The routes included are KY 172, KY 689, KY 1559, and KY 3214. Construction debris includes building materials such as drywall, lumber, carpet, furniture, and plumbing items.

Mary Westfall-Holbrook, Chief District Engineer, Highway District 12, said the district is assisting the Johnson County Fiscal Court with this part of the cleanup. “We are taking care of construction debris only. Other items such as regular household garbage, vegetative debris – tree branches, leaves, log – large appliances, electronics, and hazardous waste must be separated from the construction debris to be eligible for pickup.” She said that the district is not equipped to deal with hazardous materials and other types of debris require different disposal methods.

“The material that we will pick up is limited to construction debris from homes and other buildings that were damaged or destroyed during the recent flash floods,” Westfall-Holbrook explained. “There are guidelines that property owners and those who are assisting in the cleanup effort need to follow in order to take advantage of this service. These guidelines are important because they affect our ability to both properly dispose of the material and receive federal reimbursements in the event that a federal disaster is declared.”

Debris should be separated into six categories: Electronics, Large Appliances, Hazardous Waste, Vegetative Debris, Construction Debris, and Household Garbage. 

Debris should also be safely placed adjacent to the road on state right-of-way. “We will not go on or across private property,” explained Darold Slone, the district’s engineering branch manager who supervises Johnson County.

Slone also cautioned people to put debris that they want to salvage themselves a safe distance away from roadside. “If it’s on state right of-way or right beside the road, we will assume you want it disposed of,” he said.

Flood victims who want to take advantage of this free service should have their construction debris piled up roadside no later than the last week of August. Pickups will occur periodically throughout the month. Anyone who has any questions regarding the debris pickup may call the Transportation Cabinet’s office in Staffordsville at 606-297-3124.