Thursday, August 6, 2015

Wrongful death lawsuit dismissed

A wrongful death lawsuit against Stanville Social Security attorney Eric C. Conn has been dismissed. Emma Burchett, widow of Leroy Burchett, sued Conn last month, following her husband's suicide. In her lawsuit, Burchett said her husband killed himself after becoming distraught over the possibility of losing his Social Security disability benefits. Leroy Burchett was one of 1,500 disability recipients formerly represented by Conn who received notices from the Social Security Administration in May, notifying them that their benefits were in jeopardy due to suspicions of fraud. Attorney Noah Friend is co-counsel for Emma Burchett. He said the news is disappointing.

Floyd Circuit Judge Tom Smith dismissed the lawsuit this afternoon. In his ruling, Smith said suicide "breaks the chain of causation." He said Conn could not have foreseen Leroy Burchett's suicide, as even his widow had not foreseen it.