Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Best way to deal with scammers: Hang up

The Pike County Sheriff’s Department says the best way to deal with the latest scam targeting local area residents is to hang up the phone. Pike Sheriff Rodney Scott told EKB News that the scam, in which some local residents have received calls from someone claiming to work for the IRS, threatening arrest if they don’t immediately settle a tax debt, is the type which is becoming more and more common. Scott said the IRS would not call people threatening arrest if there was some form of delinquent debt owed to the government. He said the best way to deal with the scammers is to hang up on them.

Scott said it is difficult to trace from where the scam is originating, but anyone who is targeted should contact local law enforcement and report the incident. He said if anyone has questions about any debt owed to the IRS, they should contact the agency directly.