Monday, November 16, 2015

Police warn Kentucky drivers about deer hazards

(AP) — Its mating and hunting season for deer, and Kentucky State Police are warning motorists to be aware of the increased risk that brings.

The agency says about 1.6 million collisions involving deer and vehicles occur every year. The crashes cause about 150 deaths and $3.6 billion in damage.

Kentucky recorded 3,092 vehicle-deer crashes last year. That was up by 128 from the year before. Three people were killed and 115 injured.

Police say to be especially careful in the early-morning and evening hours, drive at moderate speeds, wear a safety belt, and use high-beam headlights unless there is oncoming traffic.

If you see one deer, expect there will be more because they often travel in herds. Police advise drivers who see deer to slow down and don't swerve.