Thursday, November 5, 2015

Walker Machinery can’t avoid coal’s struggles

The struggling coal industry is also having a significant impact on associated businesses. Walker Machinery announced Thursday plans to lay off approximately 77 workers, which represents 15 percent of its workforce.

The company’s news release shed light on the current state of the industry saying it’s making the move “due to slow economic conditions, deterioration in market conditions, and no signs of future improvement for some time in West Virginia and the coal industry.”

Walker has eight locations in West Virginia and one in southeastern Ohio. The company did not release how many jobs are being cut at each location.

Walker Machinery was founded in 1950. The company is a major Caterpillar dealer. It mainly sells and services mining equipment but also is a local dealer for other types of construction equipment.

The West Virginia locations include Belle, Beckley, Summersville, Nitro, Logan, Huntington and Parkersburg. There’s also a location in Jackson, Ohio.