Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Awaiting court input, W.Va. Senate set for right-to-work vote

(AP) — As their majority hinges on an impending state Supreme Court decision, West Virginia Republican senators are teeing up a vote on right-to-work legislation.

With no fanfare Wednesday, the GOP-led Senate moved the right-to-work bill into position for a vote Thursday.

Their ability to cement right to work into law depends on an upcoming Supreme Court decision on whether a Democrat or Republican should fill a Senate vacancy.

Former Wyoming County Sen. Daniel Hall was elected a Democrat in 2012 and turned Republican after the 2014 elections, breaking a tie for an 18-16 GOP majority. Hall recently resigned.

There's ambiguity about how to replace someone who flipped parties.

A Democratic appointment would deadlock the Senate.

Tie votes kill bills. A tie also prevents a veto override, which requires a simple majority.