Thursday, February 4, 2016


On January 8, 2015, Maximo Ayala, Jr., age 23, entered a guilty plea to the charges of First Degree Sexual Abuse, Sexual Abuse by a Person in a Position of Trust, and Third Degree Sexual Abuse. 

Earlier today, the Honorable Miki Thompson sentenced Ayala to five to twenty-five years with regards to the charge of First Degree Sexual Abuse; ten to twenty years with regards to the charge of Sexual Abuse by a Person in a Position of Trust, and one to five years with regards to the charge of Third Degree Sexual Assault. 

The sentences will run consecutively thereby preventing Ayala from being considered for parole until he serves a minimum of sixteen years. 

In addition, upon the completion of his sentence, Ayala will be required to register as a sex offender and participate in the intensive supervision program for a period of fifty years.

During his plea hearing, Ayala acknowledged that he had sexual contact with a seven year old female at his home in Williamson, West Virginia.  Ayala further acknowledged that he had an ongoing sexual relationship with a teenage minor who resided in his home. 

Although unrelated to either victim, Ayala resided in the home of the older victim’s family and began a sexual relationship with her when she was only thirteen.  The victim has since given birth to two children. 

During the course of the relationship, Ayala, the older victim, who only recently turned sixteen, and her family lived a nomadic lifestyle, moving several times including at least one move from Kentucky to West Virginia.  Although a member of the extended family, the younger victim was only visiting the residence at the time of her assault, which was witnessed by an older brother. 

Charges remain pending against Thelma Louise Thomas and Rodney Thomas, who are the parents of the older victim.  Both have been indicted on two counts of Allowing Sexual Abuse of a Child.  The parent’s trials are expected to take place later in this term of Court.