Thursday, February 11, 2016

Panel approves proposed raises for commercial vehicle enforcement officers

Salaries for commercial vehicle enforcement (CVE) officers could be raised to match the salaries of state troopers under legislation that passed the House Labor and Industry Committee today.

House Bill 312, sponsored by House Labor and Industry Chair Rick Nelson, D-Middlesboro, would close a $10,000 gap in starting salaries between CVE officers and state troopers, as long as the officers have the same rank, grade and position. Kentucky CVE officers’ starting salaries are roughly $28,000.

Ken Hightower, a retired sergeant with the CVE, said that CVE officers and state troopers receive the same basic training and share similar responsibilities on the job.

“It would only be fair that this (bill) gets passed,” said Hightower. “The salary difference is a disparity and our officers’ salaries should help them to have a better livelihood and be able to provide for their families.”

HB 312 still needs to gain the approval of the House and Senate before it could be signed into law.