Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Judge grants Conn's release

In a hearing this afternoon in Lexington, U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert Wier granted embattled disability attorney Eric C. Conn's release from jail, pending his trial on 18 counts of conspiracy, fraud and other charges. In his order, Judge Wier noted that while prosecutors offered several arguments in support of Conn being a flight risk or a danger to tamper with the case, all of those arguments were based on "multiple levels of hearsay." That release, however, comes at a price. Conn must pledge his Pikeville home to satisfy the $1.25 million bond placed on him. In addition, he is required to comply with three pages of conditions -- some usual in federal cases and other unique to Conn. In addition to the usual conditions of surrendering his passport, not using drugs or alcohol, not possessing a firearm or weapon, and not having any violations of law, Conn will be placed under home incarceration, is not allowed represent any client in a claim for state or federal benefits, is not allowed to appear in any federal case in the Eastern District of Kentucky, is not allowed to have any contact with witnesses or potential witnesses (including past employees), and is not allowed to discuss particulars of the case. Conn's home incarceration will be enforced by GPS monitoring.