Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Work to fix KY 292 break at South Williamson scheduled to start this coming Monday, April 18

PIKE COUNTY – Wednesday, April 13, 2016 – Repair work to fix the break on KY 292 at South Williamson, near the hospital, is set to start Monday, April 18. The job is expected to take four to six weeks; the temporary traffic signals will remain in place until the work is finished.

“We are fixing this embankment failure using a different technique than the usual drilling of railroad steel,” said Charlie Dale, Pikeville Section Engineer for Highway District 12. “There is not enough rock under the break to drill, so we are using a soil nail approach.”

Dale explained that GeoStabilization International (GSI) recently fixed a long-standing rockfall problem on Bypass Road in Pikeville using this same technique. “Basically this involves installing rebar through the break underneath the road bed into the hillside on the opposite side, then filling it with concrete and finishing the embankment part of the break with a concrete face.”

He said that paving and installation of guardrail are also included in the $425,000.00 contract.

The soil nail method will also result in fewer traffic impacts. Dale said the portable traffic signals that are already on site will be used to direct traffic and that delays should not be any longer than it takes the signal to change. “We won’t have huge drilling equipment in the roadway,” he explained, “so we will not have to close the road to traffic in order to do the work.”

GeoStabilization International® is a geohazard mitigation firm operating throughout the United States and Canada. The company repairs a full spectrum of geotechnical hazards and specializes in emergency landslide repair and rockfall mitigation. GSI’s team includes geologists, geotechnical engineers, equipment operators, and rockfall remediation technicians.